The perfect 2024 New York earthquake memes

The perfect 2024 New York earthquake memes

They’re shaking — from laughter. 

The web was flooded Friday with humorous and sarcastic memes poking enjoyable of New Yorkers’ over-the-top response to the 4.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled the world with no reported accidents.

“Photographs of the destruction out in Lengthy Island,” one person quipped on X together with a photograph of a single toppled garden chair.

A flood of memes poked enjoyable of New Yorkers’ response to the earthquake Friday.

 “I AM FINE,” the official Empire State Constructing account tweeted in mock reassurance.

Others spoofed the temblor as nothing however a blip.

“Did anybody else in NYC really feel that earthquake,” one other meme teases — together with a picture of a destroyed Statue of Liberty.

Some memes identified that the quake was only a blip.

“New Yorkers telling Taiwan how dangerous their earthquake was,” proclaims one meme that includes a photograph of Mel Gibson sitting comfortably in a administrators chair subsequent to a bloody Jesus Christ.

One other together with a photograph of an overturned trash can declared sarcastically, “We survived the NYC earthquake. We’ll rebuild.”

New Yorkers take nothing significantly, some X customers mentioned.

Others used “Intercourse and the Metropolis” to tease New Yorkers.

One person spoofed New Yorkers with a “Intercourse and the Metropolis” meme.

“As New York was hit by an earthquake, i couldn’t assist however surprise, had been the tectonic plates as unstable as my historical past with Huge?” reads one meme accompanying a picture of Carrie Bradshaw typing on her laptop computer.

“Did we shake or had been we shook?” a meme that includes Oprah Winfrey ponders sarcastically.

Twitter was flooded by earthquake memes Friday.

“New York seeing the place the earthquake originated,” reads one other meme that includes an actor squinting on the phrase “New Jersey.”

In the meantime, one other tongue-in-cheek meme proclaims, “I survived the NYC earthquake on April fifth, 2024” — as one other X person referred to as the Huge Apple the worst place to expertise an earthquake as a result of New Yorkers take nothing in earnest.

An “I survived” meme went viral on Friday.

The 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck close to Lebanon, NJ, round 10:23 a.m., sending scared residents into the road.

The earthquake’s epicenter was in New Jersey. AP

No person was killed or injured, in line with experiences Friday.

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