Why are Asian hornets so threatening and what can I do to eliminate them?


The bugs are believed to have arrived to Europe in a cargo of products imported to France in 2004.

They had been first sighted in Britain in 2016 in Tetbury, in Gloucestershire, and the final sighting, of a single Asian hornet, was reported in Felixstowe, Suffolk, in April this 12 months.

Why are Asian hornets so threatening?

Though they don’t pose a risk to people, they’re recognized to be predators of different bugs, comparable to honey bees, and may raid hives and eat them.

In France, it has consumed massive numbers of bees, together with the well-known European honey bee, and lots of lesser-known solitary and colonial-bee species.

Since bees are an important a part of wholesome ecosystems, organisations devoted to nature conservation, just like the Royal Society for the Safety of Birds, are fearful about how Asian hornets might have an effect on bee populations.

They’ve been recorded within the UK on a minimum of three events and related authorities have swiftly eradicated these people.

What do they appear to be?

The Asian hornets are distinctive for his or her yellow legs and black head and yellow face. Its physique is a velvety brown or black whereas the stomach is nearly darkish, apart from the fourth belly section, which is darkish yellow.

European hornets, then again, have a brown and yellow striped stomach.

The queens attain as much as 3cm (1.2in) in size.

Not like our native hornet, Asian hornets are solely energetic through the day.

Methods to eliminate them

Should you see an Asian hornet, it’s suggested to not method or disturb it, particularly in the event you see the nest.

Asian hornets aren’t typically aggressive in direction of folks however an exception to that is once they understand a risk to their nest.

You must report a sighting by way of the Asian Hornet Watch cellular app or by filling out a kind on the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology web site.

Like many different social bugs, the queens survive the winter and emerge to create new colonies within the spring. It’s essential to find nests instantly and destroy the hives ethically.

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