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When is Hanukkah 2020?


hanukah, in any other case knowns as Hanukkah, is an eight-day pageant of lights and a vastly joyous event for Jewish folks worldwide.

Falling wherever between late November and December every year, it begins 4 days earlier than the brand new moon and is a time to take pleasure in meals and time with the household.

This 12 months, celebrations will likely be wanting completely different attributable to covid Tier guidelines in England, however households should observe traditions with these they already dwell with. 

Here is all you might want to find out about Hanukkah.

( A dreidel which is usually performed throughout Hannukah / AFP/Getty Pictures )

When is Hanukkah 2020?

As a result of the Jewish calendar is lunisolar, the date of Hannukah adjustments every year. It all the time falls between late November and December, 4 days earlier than the brand new moon.

This 12 months, Hannukah begins at present, Thursday December 10, and runs by means of to Friday December 18.

The Hebrew calendar date is 25 Kislev.

What’s Hanukkah about?

Hanukkah commemorates the Maccabean Revolt of 167-160BCE, by which a Jewish military rebelled towards the ruling Hellenistic Seleucid Empire and gained.

The Seleucids – who had been culturally Greek – had outlawed Judaism and its practices, with King Antiochus making an attempt to make Jews pray and make sacrifices to Greek gods.

This prompted a small band of Jews to insurgent towards Antiochus in an effort to revive Judaism and take away the Selucids from Judea. After three years of battle, this small military – referred to as the Maccabees – gained, however their temple had been destroyed.

The Maccabees then proceeded to rebuild and cleanse the temple, and light-weight flames to rejoice their victory. They solely had sufficient kosher oil to burn for at some point, however the flame miraculously stayed lit for eight days, giving them sufficient time to organize a recent provide of oil for the menorah.

Dr Maria Diemling, reader in Jewish-Christian relations, tells the Normal: “The historic context is the wrestle between custom and assimilation, a recurrent theme in Jewish historical past.

“In line with Jewish custom, it celebrates a miracle: contained in the Temple, the Maccabees discovered sufficient consecrated oil to mild the everlasting flame within the Temple for a single day however miraculously the oil lasted for eight days, lengthy sufficient to provide new oil.

“That is the rationale why Hanukkah is well known over eight days.”

How is Hanukkah noticed?

Hanukkah includes lighting candles on a particular nine-branched candleholder referred to as the Hanukkiah, or Hanukkah menorah.

The ninth candle is the ‘servant’ used to mild the opposite eight candles.

The lit Hanukkiah will likely be positioned close to a window to ‘announce the miracle’ of the pageant to the skin world, and a candle is lit on daily basis so as (one on the primary day, two on the second and so forth).

Households will get collectively and sing conventional songs, give presents to youngsters, eat and spin the dreidel.

A dreidel is a four-sided spinning high with completely different Hebrew letters on all sides, which often type the primary letters of the Hebrew sentence “a terrific miracle occurred there”, referring to the Miracle of the cruse of oil.

Adults and kids will collect spherical and play for cash or sweets, placing one in all these within the center earlier than having a go at spinning the dreidel. Winners are decided by the letter that seems when the dreidel has stopped spinning.

What meals is historically eaten over Hanukkah?

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Meals at Hanukkah is usually fried in oil, which refers back to the oil of the miracle. Frequent meals embody latkes with apple sauce and bitter cream, donuts full of jam, fried hen, mashed potato pancakes, olive oil-fried aubergines and honey-soaked dough fritters.

Kids had been historically gifted cash (‘gelt’ in Yiddish) though now chocolate cash are historically given.

It is changing into extra widespread for folks to provide presents to one another over the eight days, whereas many households give to charity over the pageant.

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