What hyperlinks Marketa Vondrousova with Boris Becker? The Saturday quiz

What hyperlinks Marketa Vondrousova with Boris Becker? The Saturday quiz

The questions

1 Whose autobiography is the fastest-selling non-fiction ebook ever?
2 India’s Gir Forest is dwelling to Asia’s final inhabitants of which cats?
3 Who referred to herself as Jehanne la pucelle?
4 What peaked in Britain in 1913 at 292m tonnes?
5 The Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass was whose trademark instrument?
6 What trend retailer is Lithuania’s first tech “unicorn” firm?
7 Kakheti and Kartli are wine areas through which nation?
8 Richard Nixon was obsessive about which 1970 conflict movie?
What hyperlinks:
Marketa Vondrousova; Goran Ivanisevic; Boris Becker?
10 Cornwall; Japan; Venice; Tower of London; Portsmouth?
11 Hephaestus; Tubal-cain; Vulcan; Wayland?
12 Acadia; Grand Teton; Joshua Tree; Olympic; Zion?
13 Complacency; debauchery; earthshaking; fulfilling; pandemonium; terrific?
14 Cardross, 1329; Spain (postmortem); Melrose Abbey (presently)?
15 Triad; Jura mountains; chalk?

Lapping up the wine area clue? {Photograph}: Imago/Alamy

The solutions

1 Prince Harry (Spare).
2 Lions.
3 Joan of Arc.
4 Coal manufacturing.
5 Paul McCartney.
6 Vinted.
7 Georgia.
8 Patton.
9 Unseeded open-era Wimbledon singles champions.
10 Settings of Gilbert and Sullivan operas: Pirates of Penzance; Mikado; Gondoliers; Yeomen of the Guard; HMS Pinafore.
11 Blacksmiths: Greek god; Guide of Genesis; Roman god; Germanic delusion.
12 US nationwide parks.
13 Phrases coined (or use first recorded) by John Milton.
14 Robert the Bruce’s coronary heart: stopped beating; taken on campaign; lastly buried.
15 Title origins of the intervals of the Mesozoic period: Triassic; Jurassic; Cretaceous.

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