Weatherwatch: the way to keep calm when lightning is scary


Nearly 3% of us could also be affected by astraphobia, a concern of thunder and lightning, in response to one research. Summer time could be a troublesome time for victims.

The identify comes from astrape, the Greek phrase for lightning, and a thunderstorm can produce signs resembling a panic assault, together with chest pains, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Astraphobics additionally are likely to have an exaggerated sense of the dangers of lightning. They might, for instance, keep away from home windows or gadgets plugged into the mains throughout a storm.

People have two innate fears, falling and loud noises, and this can be why astraphobia is so widespread in youngsters. Most recover from it however it could be bolstered by unhealthy weather-related experiences or by relations, particularly different astraphobics.

A sensible understanding of the risks will help. Lightning usually kills two folks a 12 months within the UK, whereas 20 drown in bathtubs. However understanding this might not be sufficient.

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Whereas few folks search assist for astraphobia, remedy might be extremely efficient. This may take the type of cognitive behavioural remedy, stress administration strategies or publicity remedy, whereby the affected person steadily will get used to storms by listening to recordings or watching video underneath supervision.

With slightly assist, thunderbolts and lightning needn’t be so very scary.

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