Silent Land evaluation – chilly comeuppance for picture-perfect vacationers in Italian idyll

Silent Land evaluation – chilly comeuppance for picture-perfect vacationers in Italian idyll

Polish director Aga Woszczynska’s methodical and incisive debut characteristic provides a painterly examine of guilt, need and sophistication, rendered in sky blues, terracotta tiles and white-people nude materials. By an account of a vacation on an Italian island that goes unsuitable for terribly blond Polish couple Anna and Adam (Agnieszka Zulewska and Dobromir Dymecki), the script explores the chasms of cultural disconnection that lie beneath the tourism-industry fantasy of free-moving individuals of EU nations gaily traversing the continent looking for jollies.

Anna and Adam arrive on the spacious, secluded villa they’ve employed and are miffed to search out the pool they have been wanting ahead to utilizing is empty. They complain to the unctuous supervisor (Marcello Romolo) who makes excuses and negotiates with the couple to have it mounted as shortly as attainable to be able to keep away from issuing any type of refund. The guests resume their routines of operating collectively and shagging athletically, however the arrival of an Arab builder (Ibrahim Keshk) unbalances the equilibrium: partly as a result of he begins utilizing a loud piece of apparatus to repair the pool, and partly as a result of his strikingly chiselled torso is seldom clothed, attracting Anna’s eye and piquing Adam’s jealousy. However a nasty random accident modifications the entire image, and the Poles are compelled to offer statements to the police that aren’t fairly backed up by the CCTV footage that noticed the whole lot.

Like Ruben Östlund’s Drive Majeure, which it resembles thematically although possessing much less humour, Silent Land takes specific purpose at male vainness, delight and the myth-making of heroism. When the accident occurs, Adam does nothing greater than stand on the facet uselessly, gawping on the tragedy like a passing motorist on the highway. Anna is aware of the reality, however can be conscious of her personal culpability in occasions, and clearly nothing will ever be the identical for these two shiny, smug jerks.

Woszczynska’s astringent cruelty is kind of bracing, however the movie’s austerity is difficult going over the lengthy haul and will have executed with being somewhat funnier – though I laughed aloud when one insensitive policeman took the chance in the course of his enquiries to attempt to promote the couple a boat-ride across the island.

Silent Land is launched on 23 September in cinemas.

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