Oxford College Press reveals its phrase of the yr for 2023

Oxford College Press reveals its phrase of the yr for 2023

beige flag (noun): a personality trait that signifies {that a} accomplice or potential accomplice is
boring or lacks originality; (additionally) a trait or behavior, esp. of a accomplice or potential
accomplice, seen as extraordinarily attribute, however not distinctly good or dangerous.

situationship (noun): a romantic or sexual relationship that’s not thought-about to be
formal or established.

parasocial (adjective): designating a relationship characterised by the one-sided,
unreciprocated sense of intimacy felt by a viewer, fan, or follower for a widely known or outstanding determine (usually a media celeb), during which the follower or fan involves really feel (falsely) that they know the celeb as a pal.

warmth dome (noun): a persistent high-pressure climate system over a specific geographic space, which traps a mass of sizzling air under it.

Swiftie (noun): an enthusiastic fan of the singer Taylor Swift.

rizz (noun): model, appeal, or attractiveness; the flexibility to draw a romantic or sexual accomplice.

immediate (noun): an instruction given to a synthetic intelligence program, algorithm, and so forth., which determines or influences the content material it generates.

de-influencing (noun): the observe of discouraging individuals from shopping for explicit merchandise, or of encouraging individuals to scale back their consumption of fabric items, esp. through social media.

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