NASA releases ‘outstanding’ photographs of Neptune’s rings

NASA releases ‘outstanding’ photographs of Neptune’s rings


ASA has launched new photographs of Neptune’s planetary rings in what has been heralded as among the clearest pictures of the planet in many years.

The photographs have been taken from the James Webb Area Telescope and exhibits the rings across the planet for the primary time because the Voyager 2 mission flew previous the ice large in 1989.

Not solely is the planet seen in dazzlingly clear photographs however the mud rings surrounding the ice large are additionally faintly seen.

“It has been three many years since we final noticed these faint, dusty rings, and that is the primary time we’ve seen them within the infrared,” stated Heidi Hammel, a Neptune system professional and interdisciplinary scientist for the Webb undertaking.

Webb’s Close to-Infrared Digicam (NIRCam) photographs objects within the near-infrared vary from 0.6 to five microns


In 1989, the planet was proven to be a blue singular object with out its rings seen.

Within the newest photos from the Webb undertaking, the planet is seen as greyish white with clouds dotted throughout the floor.

The picture additionally exhibits seven of Neptune’s 14 moons, together with Triton which shines brightly as a star as it’s made up of frozen, condensed nitrogen, which displays a considerable amount of daylight.

The Webb telescope is probably the most highly effective of its form ever constructed giving astronomers the flexibility to analyse information by no means seen earlier than since its launch final yr.

Mark McCaughrean, a senior adviser for science and exploration on the European Area Company added: “The form of astronomy we’re seeing now was unimaginable 5 years in the past.

“After all, we knew that it might do that, we constructed it to do that, it’s precisely the machine we designed.

“However to all of a sudden begin seeing issues in these longer wavelengths, which have been not possible earlier than it’s simply completely outstanding.”

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