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Man arrested after ‘reproduction firearm’ aimed toward police officer in Camden

Social media footage reveals the motorbike officer wrestling with a person after he didn’t cease at 7.40am on Friday.

The chase ended when he crashed into road furnishings in Mornington Crescent.

Police stated the person was challenged by the pursuing officer who drew his Taser and pointed it at him.

The person reached for his waistband and retrieved what seems to be a black firearm. He dropped it earlier than shortly selecting it again up and aiming it straight on the officer.

The person seems to strategy the officer with a firearm

/ Twitter/CrimeLDN

The officer detained the person and he was arrested on suspicion of possesion of a firearm.

He has been taken to hospital earlier than going into police custody.

Police seized the firearm and stated after preliminary testing it’s regarded as a duplicate.

Chief Superintendent Roy Smith stated: “We’re conscious of a video circulating on-line and might guarantee the general public we’re taking good care of the officer’s welfare.

“His actions within the circumstances are nothing in need of unbelievable. He had no concept if the merchandise being pointed at him was a duplicate or a deadly weapon and but he maintained his composure and detained the suspect.

“Every day law enforcement officials placed on the uniform and put themselves in peril to guard Londoners. It is a good instance of the bravery and selflessness that they exhibit so typically.”

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