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Is the omicron variant Mom Nature’s manner of vaccinating the plenty and curbing the pandemic?

Within the brief time for the reason that omicron variant was recognized in South Africa in November 2021, researchers have shortly realized that it has three distinctive traits: It spreads effectively and shortly, it usually causes milder illness than earlier variants and it might confer robust safety in opposition to different variants equivalent to delta.

This has many individuals questioning whether or not omicron may act as a vaccine of types, inoculating sufficient folks to successfully result in herd immunity – the edge at which sufficient of the inhabitants is proof against the virus to cease its unfold – and finish the COVID-19 pandemic.

As immunology researchers on the College of South Carolina who’re engaged on inflammatory and infectious ailments, together with COVID-19, we discover the traits of omicron within the pandemic setting significantly intriguing. And it’s these traits that may assist reply that query.

Some 4.73 billion folks throughout the globe – about 61.6% of the world’s inhabitants – have obtained a minimum of one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. In the USA, 63.4% of the inhabitants is absolutely vaccinated with two doses as of late January 2022, whereas solely 39.9% of People have obtained the booster dose. Such low ranges of vaccination ensuing from vaccine hesitancy and the complexities of the international vaccine provide chain forged doubt on reaching herd immunity by means of vaccination anytime quickly.

How does omicron mimic a vaccine?

All vaccines work on the precept of coaching the immune system to battle in opposition to an infectious agent. Every vaccine, no matter how it’s made, exposes the human or animal host to the essential molecules utilized by the infectious agent – on this case, the SARS-CoV-2 virus – to achieve entry into the host’s cells.

Some vaccines expose the host solely to pick out parts of the virus. For instance, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines use a molecule referred to as messenger RNA, or mRNA, to encode and produce a fraction of the “spike protein” – the knobby protrusion that’s expressed on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 viruses – inside an individual’s physique. These spike proteins are the important thing manner that the coronavirus invades cells, so the mRNA vaccines are designed to imitate that protein and set off an immune response in opposition to it.

In distinction, some vaccines in opposition to different infections, equivalent to chickenpox and measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), expose the host to a “dwell attenuated” type of the virus. These vaccines use small quantities of a weakened type of the dwell virus. They mimic a pure an infection, set off a robust immune response and afford lasting resistance to an infection.

In some respects, omicron mimics these dwell attenuated vaccines as a result of it causes milder an infection and trains the physique to set off a robust immune response in opposition to the delta variant, as proven in a current examine that’s not but peer-reviewed from South Africa.

Deliberate an infection with omicron isn’t the reply

Whereas omicron might share sure traits with a vaccine, it shouldn’t be thought of a viable various to the prevailing vaccines. For one, COVID-19 an infection may end up in extreme sickness, hospitalization or dying, particularly in weak people with underlying situations. It could possibly additionally trigger long-term well being results in some folks, referred to as lengthy COVID. In distinction, vaccines at present obtainable in opposition to COVID-19 have been examined for security and efficacy.

The excessive transmission of omicron mixed with ongoing vaccination efforts may assist attain herd immunity quickly and finish probably the most acute section of the pandemic. Nevertheless, there may be little probability of it eradicating COVID-19, since all indicators level to the probability that the virus will grow to be endemic – that means SARS-CoV-2 will probably be in circulation however will doubtless not be as disruptive to society.

To this point, smallpox is the one infectious illness that has been eradicated globally, which exhibits how troublesome it’s to totally get rid of a illness. Nevertheless, it’s simpler to regulate an an infection successfully. One instance is polio, which has been decreased or eradicated in most international locations by means of vaccination.

What occurs when the physique meets a virus or vaccine

Each viral infections or the mimicking of a virus by means of vaccination activate a essential element of the immune system, referred to as B cells, within the physique. These cells produce antibodies that bind to the virus, stopping it from infecting cells. These antibodies act very like anti-ballistic missiles that shoot down an incoming virus missile. Nevertheless, as soon as a virus manages to get contained in the physique’s cells, antibodies are much less efficient.

Antibodies behave equally to anti-ballistic missiles, capturing down their goal – on this case, the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
Christoph Burgstedt/iStock through Getty Photographs Plus

That’s the place one other key participant within the immune system, referred to as killer T cells, are available in. These cells can acknowledge and destroy a cell as quickly as it’s contaminated, thereby stopping the virus from multiplying and spreading additional. Consider this as an anti-ballistic missile that detects and destroys the manufacturing unit the place missiles are manufactured.

Immunologists consider that antibodies in opposition to COVID-19 stop a person from catching the an infection, whereas the killer T cells are essential in stopping extreme illness. Regardless of its quite a few mutations, omicron can set off a robust killer T cell response. This may increasingly clarify why the COVID-19 vaccines – by triggering the T cells – have offered robust sufficient immunity in opposition to omicron to, usually, stop hospitalization and dying.

However, critically, the primary wave of antibodies and killer T cells produced throughout an infection or vaccination final for only some months. Because of this recurrent infections of COVID-19 have occurred even within the vaccinated inhabitants, and it’s additionally why booster photographs are wanted. In distinction, some vaccines – just like the one in opposition to smallpox – have been proven to set off immunity that lasts for a number of years.

Reminiscence immune response

So what precisely triggers robust and lasting immunity? The lifelong immunity seen in sure infections equivalent to smallpox may be defined by a phenomenon referred to as “immunological reminiscence.”

After the B cells and killer T cells first encounter the virus, a few of them get transformed into what are referred to as reminiscence cells, that are recognized to dwell for a number of many years. As their title suggests, when reminiscence cells “see” a virus once more after preliminary publicity, they acknowledge it, divide quickly and mount a strong antibody and killer T cell response, thereby stopping reinfection.

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For that reason, reminiscence cells are essential for establishing robust, long-lasting immunity. That is evidenced from research with smallpox by which people who have been contaminated or vaccinated have been discovered to have the antibody response even after 88 years! Why some infections or vaccines set off long-lasting reminiscence and others don’t is beneath lively investigation. As a result of COVID-19 is barely two years previous, we researchers don’t know but how lengthy the reminiscence B and T cells final. Primarily based on recurrent infections, it seems like longer-term immunity doesn’t final very lengthy, however that would additionally partially be because of the evolution of latest variants.

All of those concerns depart room for hope that when new variants of SARS-CoV-2 inevitably come up, omicron could have left the inhabitants higher outfitted to battle them. So the COVID-19 vaccines mixed with the omicron variant may feasibly transfer the world to a brand new stage within the pandemic – one the place the virus doesn’t dominate our lives and the place hospitalization and dying are far much less widespread.

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