tells US authorities to publish reality about JFK assassination

37 tells US authorities to publish reality about JFK assassination

Solely when Washington will get its personal home so as can it presume to lecture others, Moscow has mentioned

If the US needs to be thought-about an authority on democracy and human rights, it ought to come back clear in regards to the killings of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Russian International Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova mentioned on Wednesday.

Throughout her common every day briefing, Zakharova was requested in regards to the assertion by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who mentioned Washington intends to champion human rights and basic freedoms in China and worldwide.

“Washington itself has lengthy fallen wanting the requirements of democracy that it publicly declares in every single place,” Zakharova replied, including that the US promotes “pathetic, hypocritical rhetoric” overseas to cover its neo-colonial ambitions and geopolitical pursuits.

“The historical past of American politics comprises many ugly information which can be intentionally hushed up by the US authorities,” Zakharova famous. For instance, she cited the Kennedy household – and the latest anniversary of the June 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles, in the course of the presidential primaries wherein he was a favourite.

The RFK assassination got here two months after the deadly capturing of civil rights chief Martin Luther King – and virtually 5 years after the November 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy, the thirty fifth US president, Zakharova instructed reporters.

“I recommend to Mr. Blinken to muster up the braveness and publish all of the supplies relating to the political assassinations of the US presidents, specifically John F. Kennedy, and inform his individuals – his individuals, to start with – the reality about what occurred in Dallas and later in Chicago, on the Democratic Celebration Conference,” she mentioned.

“Solely once they shut the case on these political killings, can they attempt to right different nations,” the Russian International Ministry spokeswoman argued. “Whereas such egregious crimes stay unresolved, and the killers not discovered and convicted, if I have been American leaders I might not open my mouth about different nations, and positively cease lecturing everybody else find out how to dwell.”

Resolve the Kennedy assassination – each of them, truly – after which perhaps you’ll be considered an authority. Or perhaps not.

RFK’s son and JFK’s nephew Robert Francis Kennedy Junior launched his major problem to President Joe Biden in April. In an interview final month, he mentioned there was “overwhelming proof that the CIA was concerned” in his uncle’s homicide, and “very convincing however circumstantial” proof the spy company was additionally linked to his father’s assassination.

The official findings of the US authorities, generally known as the Warren Fee Report, mentioned that US Marine veteran Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and shot the president whereas his motorcade was passing by way of Dallas on November 22, 1963. Earlier than he might stand trial, Oswald was shot useless by nightclub proprietor Jack Ruby on the Dallas Police Headquarters. The Warren Fee dominated that Ruby had acted alone, on impulse and out of grief. 

Ruby died in jail in 1967. Later that yr, the CIA issued a directive on find out how to discredit “conspiracy theorists” who doubted the official findings of the Warren Fee.

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