Fortune Favours Woman Nikuko overview – unflinching anime story of puberty blues


Compared to the cosmically grand anime Youngsters of the Sea, Ayumu Watanabe’s new movie is a extra intimately scaled coming-of-age story that acutely understands the embarrassment that youngsters have in the direction of their dad and mom as soon as puberty hits. A rotund girl with a bubbly character, Woman Nikuko – “the Meaty Woman” – has a weak spot for meals, questionable dirtbags and corny puns. Her loud night breathing rumbles by means of her modest houseboat like a mini earthquake. To her shy, scrawny daughter Kikurin, she is just too a lot.

Actually, regardless of the title, the movie is all about Kikurin’s inner world, because the younger lady navigates friend-drama in school and her secret crush on the equally timid Ninomiya, a boy who likes to make outrageously foolish faces when nobody is watching. Reflecting the distinction between Kikurin’s bookish self-consciousness and Nikuko’s larger-than-life presence, Watanabe’s animation type is charmingly diversified. The serene coastal city is realistically rendered with winding streets and plush forests, whereas Woman Nikuko’s riotous facial expressions are extra cartoonishly drawn. She is certainly a drive of nature that has taken the neighborhood by storm. Whereas Nikuko’s antics are endearing, she can also be the butt of many visible gags, which suggests the movie desires to have its cake and eat it too. The infantilisation of Nikuko can really feel like an inexpensive supply of comedian reduction, but when the movie reaches its transferring conclusion, her characterisation comes off as a counterpoint to Kikurin’s rising pains.

A slice-of-life story that doesn’t draw back from the uncomfortable messiness of relationships, Fortune Favours Woman Nikuko can also be a testomony to how scrumptious meals can look in anime. The recurring sight of meat scorching on charcoal grill and french toast glistening with maple syrup makes for a significantly mouth-watering visible feast.

Fortune Favours Woman Nikuko is launched on 10 August in cinemas.

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