Abortion activist sparks outrage by topping Christmas tree with forceps


An worker of an abortion clinic has provoked a swirl of controversy on social media after boasting on Twitter about adorning his Christmas tree with an implement used to abort infants.

Activist Michael Saenz wrote on Twitter, “It’s actually unattainable to prime our topper,” accompanying the tweet with a picture of the ghoulish ornament and the hashtags #proabortion, #abortions and #Christmas.

The publish shortly unleashed a flood of unfavorable responses as folks sought to specific their repulsion at Saenz’s message. 

In keeping with the pro-life group Stay Motion, Saenz is an worker at Care Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence in Bethesda, Maryland. 

“Horrific, however that is the abortion trade,” Stay Motion founder Lila Rose mentioned. “Why will we enable these services to be open in our communities, profiting off of harmless blood shed? Why will we enable folks to get a paycheck, protected by the legislation, for slaughtering infants?”

Distinguished conservative commentator Ben Shapiro added: “Have a good time the delivery of Jesus with this implement used to dismember infants within the womb’ is a take I didn’t see coming.”

Amid the controversy, Saenz shut down his Twitter account, however he had beforehand shared messages advocating late-term abortions. “I don’t discover the ‘nobody does abortions as much as the purpose of delivery’ narrative useful to the pro-abortion motion. I totally assist abortion care no matter gestational age,” he tweeted in October.

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