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4 unusual COVID signs you won’t have heard about

Properly over two years into the pandemic, a whole lot of hundreds of COVID instances proceed to be recorded around the globe day-after-day.

With the rise of latest variants, the signs of COVID have additionally developed. Initially, the NHS regarded a fever, cough, and loss or change in sense of odor or style as the principle signs which may point out COVID an infection. Now, lately up to date NHS steering suggests additionally looking for signs together with a sore throat, blocked or runny nostril, and a headache.

However what about among the extra obscure indicators and signs? From pores and skin lesions to listening to loss, rising information is more and more exhibiting us that COVID signs can transcend what you would possibly anticipate from an everyday chilly or a flu.

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1. Pores and skin lesions

COVID-related pores and skin complaints will not be unusual. In actual fact, a UK examine revealed in 2021 discovered that one in 5 sufferers solely exhibited a rash and no different symptom.

COVID can have an effect on the pores and skin in a wide range of methods. Some individuals could expertise a widespread maculopapular rash (flat or raised areas of discoloured pores and skin), whereas others would possibly current with hives (raised areas of itchy pores and skin).

COVID toes”, in the meantime, describes pink, swollen or blistering pores and skin lesions on the toes. This symptom is extra generally seen in adolescents or younger adults with gentle or no signs.

Most COVID pores and skin lesions are likely to go away after just a few days, or in some situations just a few weeks, with out the necessity for any specialised therapy. If the pores and skin may be very itchy or painful although, you may seek the advice of a GP or dermatologist, who could suggest therapy similar to a cream.

‘COVID toes’ are characterised by pink, swollen or blistering pores and skin lesions.
Ternavskaia Olga Alibec/Shutterstock

2. COVID nails

Throughout an an infection, together with that of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19), our our bodies naturally attempt to categorical that they’re below an uncommon quantity of stress. They will do that in a wide range of extraordinary methods, together with via our nails. “COVID nails” encompasses modifications similar to:

  • Beau’s traces – horizontal indentations that happen on the base of the fingernails or toenails when there’s a brief interruption in nail development resulting from a bodily stress on the physique

  • Mees’ traces – horizontal white traces that seem on the nails, considered attributable to the irregular manufacturing of proteins within the nail mattress

  • a pink half-moon sample which develops on the base of the fingernails (the mechanism underlying this alteration is unclear).

The information on how many individuals expertise COVID nails is proscribed, however it’s been estimated it might be as much as 1-2% of COVID sufferers.

COVID nails have a tendency to look within the days or even weeks following COVID an infection because the nails develop. Though they is perhaps painful initially, the overwhelming majority are likely to return to regular over just a few weeks.

Notably, whereas these modifications could also be indicative of COVID, they may also be attributable to various things. For instance, Beau’s traces will be secondary to chemotherapy or one other an infection.

3. Hair loss

Hair loss is probably an understated symptom of COVID-19, often occurring one month or extra after the acute an infection. In a single examine of virtually 6,000 individuals who had beforehand had COVID, hair loss was the commonest post-COVID symptom, reported by 48% of individuals. It was particularly prevalent amongst individuals who had extreme COVID and white ladies.

It’s thought that this outcomes from the hair “sensing” the stress within the physique, resulting in extra shedding. Certainly, hair loss may also be triggered by different nerve-racking occasions, similar to childbirth. The excellent news is that with time the hair grows again to regular.

4. Listening to loss and tinnitus

As with different viral infections, such because the flu and measles, COVID has been discovered to have an effect on the cells within the interior ear, with listening to loss or tinnitus (a relentless ringing sensation within the ear) generally following an infection.

In a assessment examine that included 560 individuals, listening to loss occurred in 3.1% of sufferers with COVID, whereas tinnitus occurred in 4.5%.

A man touches his ear, indicating pain.
COVID has been related to listening to loss and tinnitus.

In one examine of 30 individuals who had been identified with COVID, and 30 who hadn’t – none with pre-existing listening to issues – the researchers discovered that COVID was related to injury to the interior ear which led to listening to impairment at increased frequencies. Whereas for the overwhelming majority of sufferers this resolves by itself, instances of everlasting listening to loss linked to COVID have been reported.

Why all these signs?

We don’t perceive precisely what causes these signs, however we all know crucial half is performed by a course of known as irritation. Irritation is our physique’s pure defence mechanism in opposition to pathogens; SARS-CoV-2 on this case. It entails the manufacturing of “cytokines” – proteins that are vital in controlling the exercise of immune cells.

Extreme manufacturing of those proteins, as part of the irritation triggered by COVID an infection, could cause sensory deficits, which probably clarify why some persons are presenting with listening to loss and tinnitus. It might additionally disrupt the capillary networks, very tiny blood vessels which offer blood to organs together with the ears, pores and skin and nails.

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The signs we’ve described right here will not be unique to COVID an infection. That stated, when you discover any of those signs, it could be acceptable to contemplate a COVID check, particularly when you’re in an space the place COVID is circulating.

You may as well contact your GP, notably if the signs are getting worse or inflicting you important discomfort. On the identical time, you will be reassured that almost all of those signs are probably to enhance with time.

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